Maori Sticks

Today I am showing you how to make Maori sticks for the Maori stick games and dances.  Years ago I tool Polynesian dancing.  Some of the funnest times I have had.  Except when I had to perform.  My nerves go the best of my and I looked like an angry dancer.

One of my favorite parts of Polynesian dancing was when we used our Maori sticks.  I forgot about these until recently when I was playing the ukulele with some friends at a luau.  While we were practicing I found my sticks.  I was so happy!  After practice I headed to Home Depot to buy materials so that everyone in my family could have sticks.

My kids were so excited.  We made the Maori sticks and they had a blast decorating them.  We have had tons of fun watching YouTube videos with tutorials.  However, the kids are having more fun coming up with their own rhythms and patterns.  This is SO cute for kids but really for any age.  You learn coordination, teamwork, rhythm, patterns, music and culture.

So without any more nonsense here is how you can make your own Maori sticks.

At my local Home Depot you can find the wooden dowels located on aisle 29.


Home Depot aisle where you get the dowels to make the sticks

The dowels that you want are the ones with the green ends.  They are 1 1/4 inch by 48 inches and at my store sell fro $4.98.  You can get 3  Maori sticks out of one 48 inch stick. Dowels I used to make Maori sticksIf you have a saw and want to cut them at home that is great.  Home Depot also offers lumber cutting in the back.  I think it really depends on the worker if you get charged for extra cuts or not.  I was not charged for extra cuts.  The sticks I had from dance measured 13 3/4 inches long.

Home Depot will cut the wood for you

Once you have all of your sticks cut you can decorate them.  This really is optional.  If you are not going to decorate them then I suggest that you sand the Maori sticks so that there are no rough areas or places where you could get a splinter.

When I took dance we covered our with electrical tape so that is what I continue to do.  Then I don’t have to sand to wait for paint to dry.  The electrical tape comes in so many colors now.

So many colors of electrical tapeI really like black so we covered our sticks all the way in black and then used colored electrical tape to make different patterns.

Solid black Maori sticksMy kids had so much fun doing this.  If you are going to use tape make sure to tape each end first and then start wrapping the body of the Maori sticks.Kids decorated the Maori sticks

Now you are done!  Practice different rhythms and patterns.  They are so much fun.  I am going to post below some videos below to teach and inspire you.