Becoming a Maskcara Artist FAQ’s

maskcara artistMaskcara is what I am chatting about today! I wanted to take some time and give you some answers on what it is like to be a Maskcara makeup artist.  I will answer some questions here and you can get more details in the video that I will post below.  Feel free to share that video with anyone that you feel might be interested or needs some questions answered.

How much does it cost to sign up?  There are three options.  The basic kit is $199, the Pro $399 and then there is a $9.99 monthly fee for your replicated website.

Here is a major perk of being a Maskcara artist.  No Inventory!!!!  That is right.  I said it.  No inventory.  Corporate ships everything and handles the returns.  It is just a huge relief knowing that you don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of product that is just sitting there waiting to be sold.  Not having to have inventory takes the risk out of it.

How do parties work?  Parties can be open for a really long time.  In previous businesses that I have been with whenever there was a party situation some customers became frustrated because their order was on hold because the hostess was still trying to collect orders.  Not with Maskcara.  As soon as a customer pays for their order it is processes and shipped.  A customer does NOT have to wait for the hostess to close out their party.

Also Maskcara encourages artists to keep parties open in their own name.  It is an easy way to earn credit for product and discounts on items.

What are the commissions and minimums like?  You earn 20% on all of your orders and can earn up to 40% based off of volume and your down line sales.  You do not need to sell a minimum amount to be “active.”  If you decided to build a team and want to earn commissions from your down line there are amounts that you need to hit but they are extremely reasonable and not hard to achieve.

Is there any education or training provided?  I am part of the best team with an amazing up line.  One of my close up lines happens to be the top in the company.   Why does this matter?  Because she is super amazing and goes above and beyond to provide free training and content so that we can all succeed.  You can put a price on knowledge and experience.

Cara.  Cara is the creator of Maskcara.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She is very much an active part of the artists and their lives.  She does a facebook live video every week where she interacts with us and asks for suggestions and gives us information on what is to come.  I have never been part of a company where you actually felt close and connected to the person at the top.  Maskcara is truly special.

Is the product difficult to sell?  The product truly sells itself.  And in the event that it doen’t (haha) there is a 30 day money back return policy should something need to be returned or exchanged for a different product.

How long has the company been around?  This company is at the ground level!  The pre launch phase started in January 2017 and the official launch was August 2017.  At the time of this post there are around 2500-3000 artists in the United States.  I am number artist number 1768 which means I was the 768th artist to sign up.  There is such a huge potential for growth.  The Canadian market should be opening soon and so there is that much more potential.

How often are you paid?  Maskcara artists are paid every Friday and then once a month they will receive another payment for any bonuses or down line commissions that they have received.

Why did I sign up?  I admit I was a little nervous to sign up because I felt that I was not a “beauty” person.  I was intimidated by beautiful people who seemed to be all put together.  Then I tried the makeup and I realized how easy it was for me to apply.  If I could do it anyone could do it.  If I could feel this amazing and have new confidence then I knew that I needed to share that feeling and opportunity with others.  The Maskcara Artists are some of the most awesome women I have met.  I have made so many new friends.  I have learned so much and stretched myself in ways I didn’t think possible.  I have laughed hard.

There were a lot of reasons for me to say no to this idea but I’m glad I said yes and I have not regretted it or looked back.

If you have questions that I have not addressed in this post or video please contact me.  I would love to have you on this Maskcara journey with me.

Love, Jane!!!!


The Clutch

The clutchThe Clutch

The Clutch is finally here.  This has been the most anticipated product of the year.  Genuine Italian Leather.  This clutch holds all your wallet needs and lets you do your makeup on the go.  It even has an awesome place for your brushes and your mascara.

You can wear the clutch as a cross body bag or as a normal purse. Carry it as a clutch or throw it in your purse or diaper bag.

Save space in your luggage as you only need your Clutch now.

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The Clutch The Clutch

Missionary Makeup

Makeup is an often overlooked aspect when planning and shopping for Missionary makeup HAC pacyour missionary clothing and supplies. Today I am talking makeup and why that is important.  Missionaries shop for the right clothing but they also need to be concerned with their personal grooming tools that they will need to take.  The following comes right from “Makeup should be natural and conservative in style and color… You should strive to look your best, especially at zone conferences, in Sunday meetings, at visitors’ centers and historic sites, at baptisms, and when working with local leaders.” Here’s a great quote from Elder Holland,

“We have always been invited to present our best selves. … We should be recognizable in appearance as well as in behavior that we truly are disciples of Christ.”

-Jeffrey R. Holland

When considering what grooming supplies to take let me share some problems that I ran into on my mission that you might also face.

Tight living quarters.  You may or may not have a proper bathroom let alone a counter top to place all of your beauty essentials/needs.  You may find yourself standing or kneeling or in tight spaces with poor lighting and a tiny mirror.

Time.  Unless you want to wake up super early to get your beauty on, you need to simplify your routine.  You have a time to be up in the morning and a time to be out the door and a lot of stuff that needs to happen in the middle.  Breakfast, exercise, personal and companion study and language study, if that applies to you as well as showering and getting ready for the day.  You will learn to be quick and efficient and if not, then you will be sleep deprived from waking up early.

I am going to teach you how to modernize your makeup using Maskcara IIID foundation.How to HAC using maskcara makeup

You may or not have heard of this but it will save you.  Hands down if this product would have been available when I was a missionary I would have used it.

This makeup is a cream based product.  It is different from liquids and powder makeup in that it forms a second skin.  It moves with your face.  It is light weight, gives plenty of coverage and can have multiple uses.  Missionaries already have a glow but this makeup really enhances your features and creates this amazing light and radiance to your face.  Your face is not meant to be one dimensional.  That is what often happens when you apply one color of liquid foundation or powder to your face.  It flattens you out and does not highlight your features.  Our faces are three dimensional.  Light and shadows on our face are normal.

Look at the picture of the HAC pac at the beginning of this post. It has a light color that I use to highlight certain spots of my face.  Next there is a contour that I use to contour certain areas of my face.  Then there is a blush for some color and an illuminator to give on some radiance on certain parts of my face.  You have a brush to apply it with and a sponge to blend it all together.  That my friends is all you need for your face and you can do it all in 3-5 minutes.  Add some mascara and you are good to go.  Also, because the product is cream based you can use it on your lips and eyes although there are eye shadows available.

This will save you!  It will give you the natural look that is recommended Kate before and after makeupfor missionaries.  It will save you time in the mornings.  It will save you space in your apartment and your luggage.  Because everything is so compact, you can take it with you to meetings that you may be traveling to attend and still be able to freshen up after your long commute that some of you will have.

The other great thing is all of the colors come in a magnetic tin so that fit nice and tight in the compact.  When you are running low on a color then contact your family back home.  They can login under your name and have the new color shipped to you.  So easy!

Here is one thing that I will offer to you future missionaries because I love missionaries!  If you are local to me (Northern Utah) then I am happy to meet with you and do a free color match to find out what colors look good Makeup Before and Afterson you.  If you are not local to me then send me some photos and I can distance match you or I can try to find another individual to color match you and then I can process your order with that information.  If you purchase a HAC pac I will gift you a second blush or highlight of your choice.

Take it from me.  This product is so great and I only wish it would have Maskcara makeup is so many thingsbeen available when I was a missionary.  I had some really small bathrooms and large distances to cover when traveling to meetings. I had all four seasons of weather and some areas were dry while the coast was humid.  The ease of the product and how compact it is would have been a game changer for me as a missionary to keep me looking my best.

If you would like to check out my website please go to

I am going to link some videos down below of the creator of Maskcara, Cara showing how easy the product is.