FINIS Underwater Headphones

Have you heard of the FINIS duo underwater MP3 player?  I heard about it from one of my swim teachers and so based off of her recommendation I purchased it for myself for Christmas.

I had recently started swimming laps and although I was enjoying the feeling of being in the water I was getting a little bored.  The ability to combine my two loves of water and music was the perfect solution.  The device is pretty easy to use.  You hook it up to your computer and transfer your music over.  Easy as that.  The device clips to your goggles and those black pieces rest on your face in between your eyes and ears.  I thought it might feel weird in the water but I don’t even notice it.  It also has a magnetic docking device to charge the player.


The first time I used it I loved it.  I did realize that I needed to be more picky about what music I had on there because I kept wanting to change the song and that doesn’t work well during the middle of my stroke.  The sound was great and I could hear it really well.

After about two months though I noticed that my device was not charging at all.  I researched the problem and contacted the company and they sent me a new docking station with a stronger magnet as their have been some issues with that. It still didn’t fix the problem so the company asked me to send in the device for a repair.  Instead they sent me a brand new device.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I was really excited and the new device is working great so far.  To be honest I haven’t used it as much but that is just because I haven’t been able to make it to the pool lately.  So I plan on getting back on my swim schedule and really seeing how the new device works.  I am hoping I don’t run into the same problem.  I have looked at other devices but I don’t want anything going in my ear.  One thing I really like about this setup is that I can still hear others while I am listening to music underwater or when I am taking a break at the end of the pool.

If you are looking for something for the pool I would check out the FINIS duo.  I purchased mine on Amazon.