What does inside out coconut mean?

I know the question of “what does inside out coconut mean” will come up so I am happy to answer it here.  Recently I was visiting Hawaii with my friend Jayme and we were able to hang out with my friend Reagan who lives on the North Shore.  Late one night on our drive back to the North Shore after leaving Ross Dress for Less, of all places in Waikiki, we found ourselves singing along to the loud music that was playing.  We were listening to “Mysterious Girl” by Peter Andre and I was singing along.  Reagan was surprised and said her white friends back home didn’t know this song and that I must be an inside out coconut.  I asked her what that meant and she laughed and said, “Well you

Talk Story with Reagan in Haleiwa coconut
Talk Story with Reagan in Haleiwa

are white on the outside but brown on the inside.”  We laughed so hard and I took that as a lovely compliment.

After returning from my trip that phrase has stuck with me but it has also evolved in its meaning.  People think that know me but they only know bits and pieces.  This is true with everyone.  There are so many sides to each of us.  Some have yet to be discovered.  For me, Inside Out Coconut is about bringing my true self to the surface. It is about not being afraid of who we really are.  It is about being brave and trying new things.  It is about creating new experiences.  It is about discovering who you really are on the inside.

This blog is a little bit of everything and I hope to see it evolve as I evolve as a person.

I thought I would share the song that we were singing in the car.  I had never watched this video before  Hahaha good times!  Keep in mind that this video was made in 1996!