About Jane

Hello!  I am Jane and I am the person behind, in and around this blog.  I will warn you I am not a great writer so please be nice when pointing out my grammar and punctuation errors! 🙂 I am married with 2 great kids. I love being a mom!  I have recently taken up the activity of lap swimming and I am loving it.  I am conquering goals for myself that I never thought were

Me after conquering my fear of jumping off the big rock at Waimea Bay in Hawaii. Loved it so much I did it 3 times!

possible because I would give up too soon.  Not anymore.  The last year has proven that I can do hard things if I really try and to quit letting others perceived thoughts about me, squash my goals!  I do a little bit of everything in my free time.  Spending time with my husband and kids, trying to travel (when we have money), learning healthier recipes that are good for my body, swimming, listening to music loud, attempting to be crafty, learning new natural makeup techniques, being actively involved in my church and just trying to be happy, serve others, and do good in the world.