Beauty….More than skin deep

Beauty is more than skin deep.  That old saying is true.  A couple months ago I joined Maskcara Beauty.  I sell IIID Foundation and other makeup as well as skincare.  I also do color matches and makeovers on people.  It’s kind of weird that I even got into this space because I wouldn’t consider myself a “beauty” person.  I have since learned that isn’t true.

In the 9 months that I have been doing this I have learned a lot about makeup application and color matches.  More importantly I have learned a lot about people and beauty.

There was a fellow artist that I don’t know personally but I saw a video she did and I thought she was adorable.  I still think she is but some of her posts made me question why I was doing this.  She is gorgeous.  She can apply makeup very well.  I think she is pretty successful.  What bothered me was the vanity I perceived.  It may not be there.  Like I said, I don’t know her but her posts were all about her. Her face.  Her hair. Her makeup.  Granted it is a beauty page, but beauty is more than skin deep.

I struggle with self confidence.  I can tell that a lot of women do.  Hardly ever does a person sit down in my chair and tells me all the things that they love about themselves.  It is the exact opposite.  They sit down and point out their flaws.  If only they could see the beauty that I see in them.  There is beauty that lies on their face but it is also the sparkle that is in their eyes. It is the kind things that I see them do in their daily lives.  It shows in their service that they give to others and the hard work that they put in on a daily basis for their families.

Makeup for me is fun.  It makes me feel good but I don’t “need” it.  I still can run errands or go to a meeting and I hope that my true self always shines forth regardless of what I have on my face.  Don’t get me wrong I also like how I look in makeup and I am happy to put it on and get dressed up nice and I like how that makes me feel as well.

If you come see me for a color match I hope you leave feeling loved and beautiful.  I hope to get to know you and not just your face.  I hope you will find out how beautiful you are on the inside and not squash that from shining through on the outside.

I hope I can share things with you that help you to recognize this beautiful world we live in.  The beautiful people that are in our lives.  The beautiful opportunities that we have to give back and serve.  And I also will still share the beautiful products of Maskcara.  I love them.  They have enhanced the life I already have.

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